How Is Rwanda A Sovereign Country

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Rwanda, officially known as the Republic of Rwanda, is a sovereign state in Central and East Africa. The capital of Rwanda is Kigali. Rwanda happens to be one of the smallest countries on the African mainland. Rwanda, which is near the equator, is located in Central America and surrounded by land on all sides: on the north side is Uganda, on the east side is Tanzania, on the south side is Burundi, and on the west side is the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda gained their independence on July 1, 1962 and became their own free country. The country is primarily mountains in the west and savannas in the east, with lakes throughout the country.
The national flag of Rwanda has three horizontal lines (green, blue, and yellow) and a sun with twenty-four
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About ninety percent of the population participates in agriculture. The trade imports are larger than the exports and are in the three quarters of a billion region. The main countries that send goods over as imports include Belgium, China, Kenya, Germany, Uganda. Israel and France are countries that Rwanda gets a smaller portion of imports from. The main imports are: cement and construction material, machinery and equipment, steel, petroleum products, and foodstuffs. Despite being setback in the export side of the economy caused by the genocide of 1994, Rwanda has put in no effort to bring the economy back to the way it was. Rwanda’s exports include: Animal hides, Cassiterite, Coffee, Coltan, Iron ore, Tea, and Tin. Currently, Rwanda’s road to recovery is mainly dependent on coffee and tea prices in the international market. Tin ore and animal hide are Rwanda’s lesser export goods. Most of Rwanda’s exports go to Belgium, China, Germany, Thailand, and the US. The total revenue earned from exports in Rwanda’s economy is around $213 million US…show more content…
Seventy-five percent of those people occupate a agriculture job, seven percent occupate a industry job, and eighteen percent occupate a service job. The unemployment rate of the country is two point seven percent with 39.1% of the country’s population being below the poverty line. 74.5% of Rwanda is agricultural land with 47% being arable land; 10.1% being permanent crops; and 17.4% being permanent pasture. Forest makeup eighteen percent of the land. Seven point five percent of the land is made up of other things. In Conclusion Rwanda is ranked as the fifty-seventh poorest country in the world. The gross GDP is eight point one billion US dollars. Rwanda earns 213 million US dollars in revenue from exports alone. The highest selling export in Rwanda is coffee and tea. The countries that receive most of the exports are european countries. The main import of Rwanda is industrial building materials such as steel and machinery parts. The total population of Rwanda is 11.61 million people with three percent being unemployed. Rwanda is ranked the 134th largest economic country in the

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