Rwanda Simulation Reflection

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Rwanda Simulation Reflection

Directions: Respond to each of the following prompts with a complete paragraph. Wherever possible, provide an example or anecdote from the simulation to support your response. (30 points)

What did your role hope to achieve in this negotiation? What did it actually achieve? My character was a 22 year Tutsi named Frederick. In a perfect world, my character (Frederick) would get all of the land that is rightfully his given back to him and he would be able to graze his cows and farm wherever he pleases. If not all of the land, ½ of it should suffice. Although that is an ideal situation, and it is easier said than done.
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We decided met with the other charachter groups and mad deals with both Charles and Perpetune. We would give Charles 3 cows in exchange for ⅓ of his land to own. To Perpetune, we would give one cow to let our cattle graze on her land for this current season and two more to graze on her land from then forward. Of all of the Fredericks in the different villages, I would say mine was toward the lower end on the spectrum of success. Although my Frederick did get exactly what my character group came up with, apparently some of the other Fredericks were more creative in their deal making. For example, Josh made his Frederick mary Bernadette, thus getting her portion of the land in addition to ⅓ of Charles's land as well as ⅓ of Perpetune’s. We all got the “minimum” that we discussed, and stayed true to upholding our beliefs, just some got more than others. The result was Frederick was able to get some land to comfortably live on plus land for his cattle to graze on. It is a bit inconvenient because the two plots of land are on opposite sides of the village but besides that I am fairly satisfied with what I accomplished, let alone what some of the other Fredericks

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