Ryan Garcia Poem Analysis

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My speaker was Ryan Garcia. I saw Ryan Garcia present his speech at a UIL academic meet. His speech was an poem about alzheimer's.
The nature of the meet was competitive and fierce! There were many excellent speakers at the UIL meet due to the event being a competition against speakers. The general function was for the speakers to compete against each other based on the poem that they had put together. The stories belong to different books and authors,but the speaker are allowed to move the sentence around or add an additional sentences from another author or book. The poetry pieces are about the examining our changing world. “The goal of this category is for the performer to examine his or her changing world in order to inform the audience
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He did also provide closure to the conclusion by informing the audience that the man couldn’t recover his memory and never will because alzheimer's does not have a cure yet. The style was effective because I was never bored
He made effective eye contact with the audience and the judge as well. Although, he was reading from a manuscript he would hardly look at the manuscript. The gestures were great with the message because he would have strong, bold gestures when the character didn’t have alzheimer's and weak, painful gestures when the man had the disease.
The speaker was strongest during the passionate moments. He was able to capture my attention when he was talking in the perspective of the man with Alzheimers. The weakness was the beginning because it took a while for the story to build up. He took a lot of time explaining what alzheimer’s was as opposite to show what it does to a person.
The speaker has been a lot of background with speaking. He was fluent, made eye contact, and great tone. Although, my advice would be to slow down. He was talking fast due to the time limit, but if not being timed, I believe he should slow down the rate of his
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