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A virtuous hero is someone who, despite the odds, follows their morals. Virtue itself is not born into a person, but is a choose everybody has. In life not everyone is born into a positive environment or family, but they can choose to be virtuous, or not. Similarly people who were born into privilege can still choose the wrong path. The choose to be virtuous is not easy;it requires sacrifice, and there is temptation to do what is easy and go against set morals. Being virtuous, however, does not automatically make someone a hero. A person must still go through the hero cycle, either becoming virtuous, or staying virtuous.
Being born into a positive environment, by itself, can open a vast amount of opportunities to be virtuous. However, it is
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Hreljac’s first well was made in 1999 in the Ugandan village at Angolo Primary School. To reach this goal Hreljac worked chores and spoke publicly on the issues of clean water. Since the first well 667 wells have been built, giving water to over 714, 000 people, and Ryan’s Well Foundation was created. In actuality many people know of the clean water issues in Africa, but Hreljac choose to help. This was truly virtuous: instead of taking the easy way out and just knowing of the problem, Hreljac worked hard to follow his morals. When put into the hero cycle, Hreljac follows it perfectly. His calling was learning of the clean water problems in Africa, his road of trials was funding and finding support, and he transformed thousands of lives with clean water. Another individual to choose virtue is Divine Bradley. In 1999, at age seventeen, Bradley noticed how little there was to do for youth after school. To change this he decided to begin a community center. By 2002, with help from creating the non-profit organization called Team revolution, 25,000 dollars was…show more content…
Jessup, Ree’s Father, skipped town leaving her mother, who is mentally disabled, and two young brothers to take care of. However, Ree has a dream of her own, which is getting into the army. This dream is altered when Jessup’s bond is up and court date due. Ree must find her father, or the house is taken away. In the beginning of the book one of Ree’s main concerns is her dream. If the house is taken away, she will have to stay and take care of her family. Ree goes on a journey with help from her Uncle Teardrop and best friend Gail. To find her father, she goes around to family and asks if they’ve seen him. This angers many members of the family, but still Ree is told her father is dead and directed to his grave. Here she cuts off her father’s hands to show that he died, to the police. This proves one of the Dolly’s main morals, family comes first. Throughout the book, this moral starts heaving a bigger impact on her life. On her journey she see’s how much Uncle teardrop and Gail are willing to help, how much family really cares for her. Before the journey she was willing to give up her dream if the house was taken away, but after she is willing to give up her dream for her family. She decides to stay home with her brothers and mom, instead of the army. Ree transforms from trying to find her father for the sake of her own dream, to only the behalf of her family’s well being. Her
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