Ryanair: Five Service Dimensions And The Gap Model

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Ryanair five Services dimensions analysis


The five services dimensions and the gap model were developed by Parasuraman in 1985 to measure and identify the gap between customers expectations and perceptions of the service received. Service quality from the consumer perspective depends on the direction and degree of difference between the expected service and the perceived service. Thus by comparing customer’s expected service with customer’s perceived service, the SERQUAL model as it is called is comprised of five service dimensions that are reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles.
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Ryanair have had some problems in the near past concerning its customers satisfaction and especially in the area of reliability due to some practices by the company, for example in 2013 the company was named as the worst brand for customer service, and in the early 2014 this had its impact on the company’s profits, however the firm managed to turn things around a little bit, Ryanair at first struggled with reliability due to some delays in its flights but it managed to reorganize its schedule and meet its customers expectations, Ryanair is now considered one of the most punctual airlines among the low cost flights…show more content…
We also suggest that the company must work on developing its aircraft, renewing them a little bit, and working on clearing some problems such as seat comfort and cleanliness. Ryanair is very popular in europe due to its low prices, however companies should sell value also not price, and should persuade customers a higher price for the company’s brand is justified by the greater value they gain. Low prices is not always the solution, customers also search for added value in order to satisfy their needs and wants, ryanair try to work solely on promoting its low prices and on the other hand the company charges its customer extra fees on any other additional service rather than their ticket such as baggage fees, for example it eliminated its free checked-bag allowance and began charging 3.50$ per piece, infant fees, special assistance fees, priority boarding fees, name change fees, these basic services are offered free of charge by airlines all over the world, however ryanair can justify these fees by offering a very low ticket price compared to other airlines, but the problem is that sometimes customers feel that they are paying the money they saved by purchasing ryanair’s ticket on these fees, so they feel that it is the same as buying from other airlines, but that is not alway the case. An airline such as RYANAIR with all of its success must work harder on improving its SERQUAL model and to increase its Reliability, Responsiveness, Empathy, Assurance, and

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