Ryiah Short Stories

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“Mom!” cried Ryiah “Dad!” lost in the Forest of the Lost Time sat a young woman, Ryiah. Ryiah and her parents were traveling through the forest when an ambush of Barghests attacked. Barghests are giant demonic dogs with huge teeth and claws, they show up when you’re about to die. Ryiah and her parents got split up while running from these Barghests. Now, Ryiah is all alone, no one and nothing to protect her, not even a knife. Ryiah wandered endlessly through the trees and shrubs when a phoenix launched out of the bushes nearby taking Ryiah to the ground. Ryiah, terrified, struggles to escape but no luck, at this point Ryiah gives up and accepts death. Just as the phoenix was about to take a bite out of her neck and she was accepting death, a tiger, not any tiger, but a saber tooth tiger leaped over the bushes surrounding and dove into…show more content…
“She saved my life” thought Ryiah, “But that doesn’t prove anything, she could be making sure I’m HER food.” Ryiah eventually fell asleep with Shiva curled around her. The next morning they got up bright and early to continue their journey. While hiking up a massive hill Ryiah tripped and tumbled a few feet down before getting stopped by something big and soft, it was Shiva. Shiva grabbed Ryiah and put her on her back for the rest of the hike. They soon made it to the top and Shiva set Ryiah down. Ryiah, trying to stand, find out her ankle is broken and cannot walk. She turned to Shiva and said “I can’t walk my ankle is broken.” Shiva looked at Ryiah for a second before picking her up and onto her back once again. At this point Ryiah felt safe trusting Shiva, “She really does care for me, If she didn’t she would have eaten me already.” Shiva is a massive saber tooth tiger, at 7’2” tall on all four legs and 14’5” in length, fur as soft as snow, the color of the orange sun, teeth as sharp as razor blades, eyes both frightening and soft, and a tail as hard as a

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