Ryland Mandell Research Paper

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Ryland Mandell, a self-expressed coffee connoisseur, is the subject of this interview. I did not know much about Ryland before interviewing him for this assignment. His passions include music, math, food, and traveling. Throughout this interview, I hope to provide an accurate depiction of the person that is, Ryland Mandell. Ryland enjoys attending concerts and listening to music. Some of his favorite songs are We Follow by From Indian Lakes, Swing Set by Moving Mountains, Hurricane by Gangs of Ballet, These Hands by Hearts like Lions, 680 South by The Story So Far, Cardiac Arrest by Bad Suns, Local Man Ruins Everything by The Wonder Years, Black and White By Seahaven, Thank you by Seahaven, Plague by Seahaven, Ghost by Seahaven, and Weathered Town by Hundredth. Some of his fondest memories revolve around seeing some of his favorite bands, like the time he saw The Story So Far. Another one of his favorite concert experiences is when he got to see Real Friends & Knuckle Puck. His top five favorite bands…show more content…
I was curious to know the places that he hoped to travel to one day. He expressed interest in traveling to Canada, Australia, France, Italy, and Greece. He also plans to visit all 50 states. If time travel existed, Ryland would go to the future because we hated black people in the past. If he could change anything about the world, he would make everyone equally as hot or equally as ugly so it would really be about the person’s personality. Another thing Ryland would like to see change is world hunger. Ryland enjoys watching films. Some of his favorite movies are Pulp Fiction, Palo Alto, the Dark Knight Trilogy, Kill Bill, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Ryland’s favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It’s his favorite book because it’s amazingly well written. It is a piece of American literature that speaks on issues that were extremely prominent at the time and carries a strong overall
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