What Is Leah's Relationship In The Poisonwood Bible

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As you keep reading you start to see Leah 's relationship with her father and the Lord start to become shaky when she see how they culture in in the Congos and learns about human rights. When Leah has journeyed the Congo over the period of time she begins to meet new people and seek new culture. Leah watches how her father looks down on people and his family, knowing it 's morally wrong and she doesn 't think the same way as him she begins to restrain herself slowly from his presents. Leah 's culture she once was changes as she “learns the language of Kikango and begins to recognize the wide gap between cultures and between American games.” (Ognibene) Leah has shifted her place because she does not want to be associated with her father and his attitude, which causes her to learn more about the Congos and the people inside it. In the two…show more content…
She was just a girl who was naive girl who wanted her father 's approval. A father who did not pay much attention to his girls and did not care what they did if it did not embarrass him. Leah changed here faith and culture, her morals were also different. Leah took control of her life not letting her father push his ways into her own mind. She became strong as she realized that she was not as little as everyone thought she was a girl who found her strength through watching all the other women who were carrying the Congos life on their shoulders. She realized she can change her ways and be the girl she really wanted to be the one who helped others for the right reasons, the one who even when everyone judges her she does what is right. Leah is an inspiration to other girls who would stand up for their own beliefs. Leah being on of the four children of Nathan and Orleanna Price was also one of the main characters to realize the life outside of herself and change for the good of everyone except her
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