S. E. Hinton: A Brief Biography

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(Title) S.E. Hinton is a tower of literature. She was a very well-known inspirational author during the 1960s, and still is today, she was very talented due to the wonderful novels that she has written. Even though S.E. Hinton was a great author, she was still presented with many challenges, such as people not having faith in her writing abilities because of the fact that she was a female, but she overcame those negative comments to proceed into the path of greatness. S.E. Hinton was the most inspirational female author during the 1960s, because she was passionate about her career, she has won numerous awards for her outstanding novels, and she has set the expectations for what female writers can accomplish. Throughout the 1960s, many authors…show more content…
Hinton is that she was only a freshman in high school when she started what would become her most famous work, The Outsiders, her first novel, the second biggest seller in young adult books today (S.E. Hinton Biography). According to the article, Books, all of the books that S.E. Hinton has written during her entire career are: The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, That Was Then, This is Now, Tex, Taming The Star Runner, Hawks Harbor, Tim’s Stories, Big David, Little David, and The Puppy Sister. S.E. Hinton’s real name is actually Susan Eloise Hinton, but she used the name S.E. Hinton as the author on her books so that it would be easier to get people to read them since they would not read her books if they knew that she was a female author (I would like to know when S.E. Hinton Died?). S.E. Hinton has written multiple books hiding her real identity in every single one. According to S.E. Hinton > Quotes, One of S.E. Hinton’s most famous quotes in her books is: “Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.” ― S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders. One of S.E Hinton’s most popular books, The Outsiders, received a 5-star rating/review on goodreads.com, that read, I loved The Outsiders when I read it as a teen and again when I read it just a few months ago. S. E. Hinton created a believable and engaging cast of characters who struggle with conflict in and out of their gang and learn the meaning of friendship and family. A very moving and enjoyable story!(The Outsiders). S.E. Hinton has become very famous throughout the years, with many loving and kind fans by her side. To sum up, S.E. Hinton is a very popular female author who has a big, growing career with multiple
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