S. O Brien Thangaia Analysis

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WILDERNESS Brien Thangaiah

S.O.I: This is a narrative style story written in first person. Its main purpose is to entertain readers; the story is based around the friendship of two friends, who had their friendship broken by a sudden event. They are now stuck in the forest together, and struggling to find a way out. The story is aimed at adolescent teens.

Left, right, back and forth… I swear we had passed the exact same pine tree for the eighth time, but how would I know I was surrounded with pine trees? The trees were tall towering above us, blending in with the darkness above. With every step we took on the snow spread ground you could hear the soft pillows of snow crunching under our feet. As dusk was setting the forest was filled with the sounds of animals coming out that night, every now and then the hoot of an owl, or the howl of a dog. Ethan still looking for a way out of the forest, never actually admitting that we were lost. To make this even worst was the thought that I was stuck with Ethan, of all people. It felt like it was only yesterday that we were best of friends, I wished that we could still say that we were friends... but so much has
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I am against the idea od gay marriage. When going against gay rights, most people bring up topics on thing like children, civil rights, and the major topic, Religion. I do agree that gay marriage does have an affect on a child, it denies them either a father or a mother, and when it comes to religion, I guess it questions how much faith you have in your religion. But the thing with society is that they have to get their point straight. We live in today’s society, which looks down on abortion, but then at the same time, treat teenage parents as failures. How are we meant to get a point across when we haven’t even picked a side to go
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