S/O Cleanliness Project

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At 9:30am S/O Andrew Perez called for S/O Geronimo Molina over the radio if he can go downstairs to the second floor by the boys rest room. Upon arriving S/O Perez informed S/O Molina that he found a new graffiti in the last stall in the boys rest room. The graffiti found was "BROWN PRIDE." S/O Perez and Molina reviewed the bathroom logs and only three students went inside since last bathroom inspection made by S/O. Before S/O Molina was going to start searching the belongings of all three students Hall Monitor Guerrero and S/O Perez informed S/O Molina that student Marcos Acosta left only his phone in the table, but refused to leave his pens and pencils. Since student didn 't want to follow bathroom policy Security started with him first.…show more content…
Upon arrival of Marcos Acosta, Security Molina informed the student to why he was brought down and why he need to search his belongings. S/O Molina explain to the student that the team found graffiti in the second floor and his name along two more that were on the list. Student was cooperative and S/O Molina and Supervisor Gutierrez started searching his belongings. While searching his belongings S/O kept asking the student if he does graffiti for fun and student kept saying no. Supervisor Gutierrez found a little sheet of paper with gang related graffiti and with matching letters of the damage in the bathroom. Student kept telling Security that he didn 't do it that his friend did the tagging on the little sheet of paper. Gutierrez and Molina asked Marcos plenty of times who his friend was, but didn 't want to give out name. Shortly Dean Ramos walks in 018B to join the investigation and Dean Ramos and Supervisor Gutierrez was able to get student Marcos Acosta to say who his friend was and he gave the name Pedro Ruiz. After Supervisor Gutierrez, Security Officer Molina and Dean Ramos checked Marcos Acosta 's belongings his writing matched the graffiti found in the boys rest

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