S. White Tooth Paste Ad Analysis

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Most ads advertised in the 1920s, were strategic ways for corporation to sell their products. Corporations in the 1920s were not only trying to sell their products, they were also trying to sell a "lifestyle of living." The corporations would use a lot of propaganda such as "this product will change your life over night" or "my products will make you more appealing towards the opposite sex," to influence the general public to buy their products. Most of these corporations advertised to the middle class hoping to persuade these middle citizens to live like first class citizens, promoting the mobile society. Their main targets were in the middle-class citizen were to point out anxieties and personal appearance. There were a lot of different markets that the corporations were trying to market in; one of the markets…show more content…
White Tooth Paste published another advertisement but this was also a coupon back in the 1917's. This S.S. White Tooth Paste advertisement featured a young boy standing in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Also it showed the S.S. White Tooth Paste at the bottom of the advertisement. The title of this advertisement was "Habits" (Slide 2). There was also a little conversation with his mother in the advertisement. In the conversation the young boy promises his mother that he will brush his teeth every night before he takes off his shoes. The young boy got into the habit of brushing his teeth every night because of the toothpaste he used. This was a great tactic on S.S. White Tooth Paste part, because they used a well-mannered young boy and a very caring mother. By using that combination of the child and mother it shows that the mother is not only carrying but also knows what is best for child. Also S.S. White Was trying to appeal to more women and specifically two mothers with children S.S. White Was trying to persuade mothers to buy their products for there kids. This was not a bad strategy because every mother wants to do what’s best for her
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