S1 Artifact Analysis

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Artifact and Description for S1 edit title Edit I have attached my “Long-Range Plan” as a demonstration of my ability to exhibit biblical principles. This artifact demonstrates my understanding of exhibiting biblical principles because it includes different learning strategies, assessment techniques, and accommodations that could be used to reach a variety of learners within the individual classroom setting. This particular skills outcome is important in early childhood education because my personal and professional behavior can impact the young students view of education for years to come. By exhibiting biblical principles, I can build positive relationships, show care towards others, and practice equality and fairness in my teaching. Grade: A (100%) Attachments Young_Burkett_Long_Range_Plan.pdf Burkett_Young_Practice_Long_Range_Plan_2.pdf Content Knowledge (S2): Use content knowledge and standards to…show more content…
This demonstrates my understanding of effective learning though appropriate instructional strategies because is displays how I implemented a variety of materials and technological resources to support my instructional strategies and reinforce student learning. It also conveys my ability to assess student’s through both formal (activity sheet) and informal (thumbs up) assessment techniques. These techniques help me evaluate the student’s strengths/weaknesses and the effectiveness of my instructional strategies. This particular skill outcome is important to early childhood education because implementing instructional strategies that reach the diversity of our students is going to promote overall student success. We, as early childhood educators, have to use a variety of strategies to discover more about the student’s developmental process and adjust our instruction in a way that will promote students to become self-directed
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