Case Study: SAC Code Of Ethics

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SAC code of ethics Section A.9. In their work-related activities, members respect the rights of others to hold values, attitudes, and opinions that differ from their own. (SCA- code of ethics ) Getting a deeper understanding on practiced religious values. Nature of rebellion? Perspective, the value system holds of the dilemma? Exploring her experiences in conflicting situation? Comprehend the changed between her and Jen, and ways she can return Jens Favour? Angela has the inner capacity and potential for decision making, person centred therapeutic relationship would include unconditional positive regard , empathy and congruence , focused on client’s context- Angela’s, college pressure, her belief system , personal experiences, listening…show more content…
Early childhood caregiving impacts attachment styles, emotional regulation in adulthood. Early bonds with caregivers have a bearing on relationship building throughout our lives (Ainsworth 1989Bowlby, 1980) Emotion regulation is vital for well-being, which is also affected by early caregiving. Broderick, P.C. & Blewitt, P. (2015).p 131 Conflict handling includes – openness, non-defensiveness, reasonably assertive and still flexible for compromise .In secure way problem solving is ability to compromise for a mutual benefit. Avoidant mates are uncompromising and anxious give in. Tayib and Rachel need to adopt secure way of conflict handling. Broderick, P.C. & Blewitt, P. (2015).p 451 A good fit between the modal orientation and job characteristics is correlated to job satisfaction, performance, stability and feeling of well-being. Tayib however is Mastery oriented – have ability to overcome and believe that hard work and instruction can affect ability. Even though he was pass over by his boss for a promotion, taken advantage of, by superiors and given difficult cases. He persists and aims advancement in civil services. (Holland 1985) Commented [CM28]: Important information that gets lost with the sentence…show more content…
Tayib belongs to a highly educated extended family in India, migrated, and influenced culturally by gender role would be career focused, and career oriented. As an immigrants Tayib would intend preserving their course of culture with inclination to preserve critical attitudes, values, and behaviour. (Dasgupta. S.D.1989) SAC-SecA.8 when difference in culture, race, ethnicity, religion affect working proper training, supervision is imperative. Sac-code of ethics. Therapy: Exploring parent’s opinions about their relationship, goal of therapy, their cultural values, personal career and relationship goals. Primarily initiating and restoring of communication and reducing distress, along with underpinning of psychoanalytical approach with family therapy Bowen (1993) promoting differentiation of self, ability to separate cognition and emotion. Stability through triangling, couple conflict, emotional cut-off, individuality and togetherness, defining self, sibling position and family projection is transfer of multigenerational problem from parent to child. Genogram to explore family Commented [CM33]: ? Commented [CM35]: Connect to your critical reflection Commented [CM36]: Check sentence

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