The Importance Of Change Management In The SAP ERP

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Theoretical conclusion
This study examined the critical actions that enhance the success of change management in SAP ERP implementation from employee's point of view. The SAP ERP implementation causes a change in organization process and practices. Depend on the content, scope, and objectives of the partnership; changes will concern a distinct number of persons in both groups and affect the operations to a different extent.
The theoretical framework presented in Section 4.3 in this study summarizes previous research on best practices concerning change management. The scientific assumption about the change management success factors was drawn together for a preliminary model with researcher's own synthesis of the success factors at the logical
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The dominant issue in the case of this study turned out to relate to succeeding success factors namely visible, aligned and committed leadership, clarity of direction and target, extensive cooperation with absolute decision power, objective and efficient communication, enabling resources and structure for a change, motivating people to change their behavior and cultural understanding. These factors also proved to be the ultimate critical factors from the employee's point of view. By holding people related queries into account as well as managing cultural differences are issues that appear to require an extra effort, especially in an ERP implementation project. Organizational cultures are unique and differ from each other. In ERP implementation, people have to start to collaborate with different organizational culture. This will inevitably cause a cultural…show more content…
It is the only cement producer in Finland. CRH proposed a new project "SAP- Connect" in 2012 for a Finland cement plant to implement ERP. The analysis phase started in February 2012 by gathering all expertise from all over Europe, considering it as the first project in the implementation of SAP ERP. The implementation started from May 2013 and it went Go-Live on May 2014. This implementation considered as a reasonable success; as a result, there was no interruption in business after Go-Live, and additionally they finished within the budget. This project doesn't finish on schedule, and this is the main drawback. The consultant who supported Finnsementti was
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