SAT Persuasive Essay

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The improved SAT test that The College Board is coming out with seems to accommodate high school students better than before. Students take time and effort to pass this hard test to help the chances of getting accepted to their ideal school. The test should be an accurate representation of how well a high school student will fair at the college level. It helps determine how a student stands academically and helps judge them whether or not they are adept in the materials covered by the SAT. The new revisions to the SAT should be an effective way to tell if high school students are ready for higher education. The new changes to the test should be in the best interest of the average high school student. Eric Hoover, a journalist for the New York Times, explains some of the changes that are being made to the test. The College Board states in the first paragraph, “Instead of being a riddle to solve, it would correspond with high school curriculums and better reflect what students have learned.” (qtd. In Hoover). With that said, it shows that The College Board is trying to make the test more in favor of the high school student rather than against. The new changes make the test more…show more content…
Zinsheteyn goes on about extensive test prep, “And the College Board is arguing that the new SAT more accurately reflects what students learn in school, rebuffing criticism that acing the SAT requires mastering a separate curriculum through extensive test-prep services.” Many parents are willing to spend a large amount of money to see their kid succeed. Some test-prep services can cost up to $1,000 or more depending on the type of service you choose. Some families do not have that type of income to send their kids to elite test-prep programs which help even out the fairness for the test
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