SBIRT Scenarios

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In the first, SBIRT video that I watched client, women around 50 years old; who has admitted that she has alcohol issue. Clinician, male around 50 years old as well. It is clearly a fictional video that shows students how to conduct an SBIRT interview to assess the level of alcoholism on an individual. The clinician 's interview is conducted in 6 steps for 6 minutes. Step 1: Professional present the subject, in a way that was direct to be clear what it is that they both are going to talk about it. The client actually admitted that she has an issue, however she only drinks like 2 pints a day with coworkers and others. Lastly, the professional congratulates the client for quitting smoking, which it is a bigger issue. Step 2: Professional “Provides Feedback” after briefly talking about the alcohol…show more content…
Alcoholism is a problem that affects anyone without taking of consideration age, social status, color, or religion. It is a social problem that has plagued our society for many years and recently is being taken into account. Unfortunately, our lawmakers have not given any importance, without nonprofit agencies alcoholism will be a larger issue than it is already today. The second video a Psychotherapist started by talking about the concept of “Ambivalence”. He explains that ambivalence is the most human behavior. It is just human to be afraid to change, because humans are enclosed in a bubble if explodes the individual will fall and he would not know how to move on his own. Furthermore, it is hard to convince, show, guide and motivate an individual at risk to break that circle that they have been submerge. It is an interesting concept, and I realized that 99% of people are ambivalent about something in their life. Now, imagine a homeless family that lost their home, how they will feel about change, even though it is a positive
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