SC Work Center Mission Statement Analysis

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For this particular paper in the first period I have selected the organization that I have work for in the last twenty one months. This is my vision and observations compiled throughout this period of time within this agency.
Organization Mission:
The mission of an organization reflects purpose and members/employees of an organization identify the mission statement. Therefore, why is the mission statement so important for an organization? The mission statement of the organization will ensure an effective communication, coordination, and integration of the organization.
The SC Works Centers operates under a functional supervision model. Many of the SC Works Centers programs and activities are administered under partner agencies especially
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(2013). The Mutual Impact Of Organizational Culture And Structure
. Ekonomski Anali / Economic Annals, 58(198), 35-60. doi:10.2298/EKA1398035J
While the core mission of the Agency has remained unchanged, the Agency must continually adapt to new technology and the demands of an ever changing global economy and national employment landscape. Our primary goal is to match job seekers with businesses in the most efficient and effective manner possible. In pursuit of this goal, we offer a variety of services to assist both corporate and private citizens
Regular updates allow senior leaders to adjust and modify their leadership strategies to maximize overall effectiveness. Over the past year, senior leadership continued to take action on a wide range of issues identified through regular meetings and employee feedback. As a result, senior leadership made improvements in day to day operations and services where appropriate. Weekly division meetings have provided an avenue for assessing modifications for practicality and overall effectiveness. This strategy continues to facilitate a more integrated approach for delivering services by breaking down barriers between

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