SCOR Model Case Study

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As mentioned earlier SCOR model provides a frame work that creates a connection between technology, business processes, metrics and best practices(Supply chain Council, n.d.). The SCOR Model helps the business capture its “as-is” state. The “to-be” states can be developed from this.
The SCOR structure:
The SCOR process takes into account the whole supply chain from Tilechem supplier’s supplier to their customer’s customer.
Some of the performance attributes SCOR takes into account is:
- Reliability
- Responsiveness
- Agility
- Costs
- Assets

Why SCOR was chosen as solution:
The SCOR Model incorporates not only Tilechem’s performance but also the performance of the whole Supply Chain. It will help Tilechem identify problem areas in all
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If thresholds are unrealistic or to high the desired standard may never be reached and it will seem as if the company does not perform as anticipated.
Some examples of thresholds for Tilechem may be:
• 90% on time deliveries
• Increase of 5% of perfect orders.
• 10% decrease in the amount of damages during transportation.
• 2% increase in profit.
• 2% decrease in inventory holding cost

If an element is at risk the impact of the underperformance must be evaluated to determine what effect it will have on the whole system. The reasons for the risk must be identified and corrective action should be taken.
Tilechem produces shelf products. If the products are not available Tilechem will lose the sale. Thus it is very important that the products must be available at the time of the demand. A threshold of 90% for on time delivery was suggested in question 7.c. If on time delivery is lower than the threshold, the following corrective actions can be applied:
• Ensure that customers are aware of fixed lead time that orders can be placed on time and ensure that the lead time is realistic for production, distribution and the
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Better visibility is a result of good connectivity and enables channel partners to quickly identify a possible problem. Collaboration is the next step that enables a joint response from the channel partners to best deal with the problem that arose and to be ‘adaptive’ is the ability of the channel partners to respond to and thrive on unexpected changes as they emerge. The ‘network’ refers to the dynamic compendium of all the business partners’ supply chain technology tools collaborating to ensure increased benefit across the supply
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