SDCDA Research Paper

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klk '; The law enforcement agency I chose was the San Diego County District Attorney Office, also known as the SDCDA. The person in charge of this agency is Bonnie Dumanis, her job title is the District Attorney of the San Diego County. As the County District Attorney, she oversees approximately 310 attorneys that work in the District Attorney Office. These District Attorneys are known as Deputy District Attorneys or Prosecutors. Dumanis has been the District Attorney of the San Diego County since 2003. Before she took office there had only been three people to serve as the District Attorney since World War 2, with two of them serving for more than two decades each. In the county’s first 20 years, 23 men had held office, the first being William C. Ferrell who had…show more content…
I wanted to learn more about the agency I am working for, that is the sole reason I chose this agency over the others. In order for me to become the qualified candidate for the SDCDA, I needed to be an undergraduate student at a college or university and maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average. I also needed to take the minimum required amount of units which is 12 units per semester. My personal experience in becoming a student worker for this agency took a couple of months. I had my interview in January with the Vista County employer and once they decided that I was fit for the job, they put me through a two month background check that consisted of a background application which included references, job experience, family information, academic grades, and every possible little detail they wanted to know about me. It also included a drug test and required me to fill out dozens of forms. After the long background process, I had finally started my first day working with the SDCDA on April 15th. I work every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:00 am to 2:00
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