SGT-Personal Narrative

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SGT. Barrett and I contacted a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot that was parked in an unlit area at approximately 2300 hours. Once outside of our vehicle I started flanking toward the right side of the white Nissan Maxima, as the windows were darked out. SGT. Barrett went to the driver side of the vehicle, where the door was ajar, with a male sitting in the driver's seat with his feet planted on the ground I heard what sounded like a dense metal object fall onto the pavement from the driver's side of the vehicle. Immediately after the object fell on to the pavement, SGT. Barrett started yelling commands to the male not to pick the item up. I immediately unholsered my side arm. SGT. Barrett advised me that the male had a gun. I moved to SGT. Barretts side, where I saw a small black handgun on the pavement between the drivers feet. I pointed my firearm at the male with my finger indexed on the slide. SGT. Barrett continured to command the male to put his hands on the top of the door frame.…show more content…
The male appeared as if he was seriously thinking about reaching for the gun. SGT. Barrett asked me to switch to my Taser. Once I saw SGT. Barrett had me covered I switched to my Taser and reholsterd my firearm. I turned my Taser on and pointed the red lasers at the male. SGT. Barrett again commanded the male to put his hands on the door frame a couple more times. SGT. Barrett advised me to deploy my Taser on the male. The first Taser made contact with the male. The male ceased up and fell to the pavement, where SGT. Barrett kicked the gun away from the male. I jumped onto the male's upper back. The Taser cycle ceased and I was ordered by SGT. Barrett to deploy another Taser cycle as the scene was not yet secure and the male was not detained

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