SGT Saturday Case Study

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/1/2016 (SFC Raymond Harris): SGT Heather Saturday Tax Preparer NCO with USAREUR HHBN HSC Company email OIG HOTLINE requesting for assistance. SGT Saturday stated she has a serious issue to dicuss and needed guidance on re-enlistment. SGT Saturday tried to re-enlist and commander denied her re-enlistment and needed advice on her situation. 3/1/2016 (SFC Raymond Harris): Email SGT Saturday to acknowledge that OIG received her email and to contact OIG. 3/2/2016 (SFC Raymond Harris): SGT Saturday called OIG to discuss her issue with USAREUR HSC Company Commander CPT Galen Cipperly denied her to re-enlistment. SGT Saturday stated that she also just finish talking Nicholas SGM Grime USAREUR Career Counselor about the matter. SGT Saturday

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