SIDS Case Study

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Overview of the SIDS
In my work I am going to talk about the SIDS. I will talk about SIDS in general, about history of SIDS, about problems which, are SIDS dealing with, about why the SIDS are a special case and also about special events which, happened from the first recognition of a SIDS.

SIDS is an acronym, which stands for a Small Island Developing States. These islands are a specific group of developing countries, which facing special social, economic and environmental problems. In June 1992, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), which is also know as the Earth summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In this conference were SIDS recognized as a special case for their environment and development.
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SIDS are ecologically sensitive. The biggest disadvantages are limited resources, geographic expansion and isolation from world markets. Even if these countries are almost not responsible for the climate change, they are likely to suffer the most, and in certain cases even become uninhabitable. For that they need the help and attention of the international community. SIDS are really sensitive to climate change, climate variability and sea-level rise. Coral reefs and the other fragile islands ecosystem may be damaged by it. The fishery and food corps can be affected by climate change, also economy and environment are affected by increasing number of extreme weather events. Agricultural land and infrastructure development is endangered by rise of sea…show more content…
This program states specific steps and actions at the national and international levels in support of the SIDS. Some of the action areas are climate changes, natural and environmental disasters, energy resources, tourism, biodiversity, transport and more. Johannesburg summit
Johannesburg summit 2002 was trying to focus the world's attention and action toward solving difficult challenges, whom are SIDS dealing with. E.g. improving people's lives and preserving natural resources in a world that is growing in population. The Mauritius Strategy of Implementation
The Mauritius Strategy of Implementation was held in Mauritius in January 2005. It was a culmination of a 10-year review of BPOA for the Sustainable Development of SIDS. The MSI sets strategies in 19 main areas, which are built on the original 14 areas from the BPOA. New additional areas are e.g.: trade, knowledge, management or culture. Rio+20
Rio+20 took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It resulted to a political document, which contains practical measures for realizing sustainable development. Here, the Member States decided to develop a set of Sustainable Development Goals, which will be build upon the Millennium Development Goals and concentrate with the post 2015 development agenda. The 3rd International

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