SIP Internship Essay

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By participating as an SIP intern, I hope to gain experience in the scientific field and to further my passion in science. When I am a working adult, I would be most happy spending my days in bioengineering. I highly enjoy delving into biology- I love the classes, reading its applications, and researching what the career is like. Thinking narrowly, participating as an SIP intern gives me a chance to spend my summer well. Real lab experience is something I have not acquired yet, and look forward to gaining. As an intern, I would be able to engage in my passions in other enjoyable ways, alternative to classes, studying, or watching Crash Course Biology videos. Looking towards my future, interning at SIP will expand my network and potentially…show more content…
After attending this school for almost two years and hearing their mantras daily, I have become more adept in applying these to overcome problems. Teachers, mentors, and principals encourage us to identify when we use these on a daily basis, and when I think of challenges where I have had to apply these, one specific incident comes to mind. Last summer, I volunteered in my church’s summer camp. One major thing that separates us from other camps is that teenagers are in charge of practically all the functions in the camp. We plan every hour of every week, manage a budget, make reservations, practically become surrogate parents, but with more expectations. My counselor group did not work well together, rather, we were completely disconnected. Two out of our five counselors were deemed “campers with more power” by our directors, and one week, our “chief” left on a missions trip. That week was fraught with challenges. In short, the two “powerful campers” didn’t do their delegated jobs properly and it was difficult to make progress. We had to have a meeting with the camp directors in the middle of the week. Afterwards, I stepped up to be the substitute chief for the week, and worked my hardest to keep the group moving forward without falling. I asked to keep in close touch with the directors, who then came to our aid when we stumbled. The
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