SMART Marketing Communication Plan

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Marketing Communications Plan
Just Click will have clear marketing communication plan in place to achieve its SMART marketing objectives defined by its management. The following are the three SMART marketing objectives of Just Click:
1. To increase the overall revenue by 20 percent by the end of June 2018.
2. To increase the market share of Just Click 2 version (targeted at Companies) by 10 per cent by end of June 2018
3. To increase the customer retention by 30 per cent by end of June 2018

Use of the promotion mix to achieve the above marketing objectives. (Al-Abdallah & Abou-Moghli 2007)

To increase the overall revenue by 20 percent by the end of June 2018.
We would be using the following promotional mix components to achieve the above
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• To print and distribute flyers and pamphlets amongst the public
• To display banners at strategic places like malls, government and business centers etc.
• The sales and marketing team would personally go and meet the representatives of the government agencies and business companies to demonstrate the uses of Just Click and explain how it would benefit them in terms of providing the best quality, reliable and best priced services as required from time to time.
• The customer care units of Just Click would make random cold calls to the potential customers to enquire if they require any of our services and inform them of the promotional offers and discounts available. In addition, they would also call upon the existing customers to get their feedback on the services availed and see to it that any of their complaints are immediately attended.
• The marketing team would encourage the satisfied customers to spread the brand awareness by word of mouth publicity and motivate the customers through referral incentive
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All implementation activities would begin from the July 1st (considering the year July 1 to June 30)
• On July 1, designate 2 sales managers and 1 marketing director. The marketing director would act as the new leader of the business analysis team. This business analysis team would be made of five employees belonging to various departments across the company.
• By July 15, the marketing director should assign 2 members of the business analysis team to each of the following o Research on new product offering and promotional schemes to increase revenue o Customer survey
• By August 30, the 2 teams will submit the results to the business analysis team which will be reviewed and analyzed in detail.
• By October 31, develop a marketing information system to review and monitor customer re-order patterns and their satisfaction.
• By October 31, make initial contacts with the new potential customers for the new product offering. Also, finalize the customer satisfaction survey report.
• By November, implement the new product offering for new as well as current
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