SMU Personal Statement

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I am currently a graduate student working toward my master’s degree in Sports Business at NYU. I have worked multiple internships over the last three years focusing on a variety aspects related to the sports industry. However, it was not until I worked for the SMU football team that I realized I wanted to be apart of the football side of the industry in the NFL. While working for the SMU team I was able to travel to all away games and got a chance to see and understand what it takes to run a Division I program. I parlayed my time with SMU into a training camp internship with the New York Jets working in their Football Operations department. This was another successful step in the right direction. I was able to learn first hand the logistics that go into running a NFL team. I was able to interact with players, coaches, and the football staff. Now as I look toward the future I would love the opportunity to experience the NFL at the league level. I have experienced the club side and now would love to learn more about how the NFL operates on a daily bases.

After researching the structure of the NFL I would love the opportunity to work in the Football Operations Department or the Officiating Department. I feel that I have a strong background that will help me succeed immediately in these two departments. Working in either of
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I have taken classes that focus on labor relations, intellectual property & licensing, and legal issues in sports. These classes have helped expand my knowledge of legal issues in sports as I hope to one day become a GM. I am also currently taking an online scouting course. This course focuses on how to become an NFL scouting and GM. On a weekly basis we talk about the NFL CBA and work on scouting reports of certain players. This course has created a great foundation for me in the scouting world, as I previously had little education in that
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