SNLS Pvd: Case Study: Gloriosa Superba Seed

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Company name - SNLS Pvt Ltd. SNLS Pvt Ltd is focusing on the manufacturing of herbal medicines like Thiocolchicoside and Hyoscine butylbromide. Gloriosa Superba Seeds is the one of the major raw material for thiocolchicoside. This product is not easily available and the reason for this is supply is less and demand is more. Duboisia leaves is the major raw material for hyoscine butylbromide. Availability of this material is also very low in India as this raw material is imported from Australia and maximum number of farms for this product are acquired by the dominant players in the market. In the initial stage company is planning to set up the facility of 50Kg Thiocolchicoside per year and 90Kg of Hyoscine butylbromide per year. Total of 140Kg production per year. Company will raise funds through…show more content…
Bargaining power of customers -> Under this number of customers are high , Cost of switching is high , substituting the good is very tough. So , The bargaining power of customers is low. 2. Bargaining power of supplier -> Bargaining power of supplier is very high because supplier are limited and buyers are more. And the raw material can also be procured once in a year only. 3. New Entry -> As such barriers are not high , because it comes under herbal manufacturing. -> One of the major barrier is of investment as the raw material can be procured once in a year only. So the company have to make payment in one go for the whole year. 4. Competition in the market -> Competition is very high as currently market is dominated by the big players. 5. Threat of new substitute -> Till now there is no threat of substitute. Internal Resources SWOT - In this Strength and weakness is the internal factors of the business and opportunity and threat is the external factor for the business. Strength Strengths are the features of one 's business which allow you to work more effectively than competitors. Your specialist technical knowledge could be your

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