SONA Speech: English For Academic And Professional Purposes

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English for Academic and Professional Purposes Kayla Denyse B. Go August 5, 2015 G11 – Olive, ABM Ms. Pagnamitan The State of the Nation Address is held annually by the President of the Philippines. Also known as SONA, the State of the Nation Address serves as a way to inform the nation about its present economic, political, and social condition. It is also a means for the President to say his accomplishments for the particular year and his plans for the near future that is within his term. This year, President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino delivered his longest and last SONA speech. The President started the event with an apology for not being able to start the State of the Nation Address traditionally due to him not feeling well. This showed a lack of professionalism. The President should have had no excuse to break the tradition or shake the hands of those who were going to receive him. To officially start his speech and to show us how far the country’s progress is, President Aquino recalled where he began. He stated that he came into the office to bring hope to the citizens of this Nation that had grown diminished due to the many allegations of stealing and cheating in the government. He compared himself and his achievements to the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He stated that during the former president’s term, a significant part of the country’s growth was only because of the Filipinos’ remittances. Through some of his
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