SPCTR 1: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

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SPCTR 1: Self-fulfilling Prophecy Explanation of concept: When we know what a person is like, it influences us how to act toward that person according to that expectation. Application of concept: Ms. Riley believes in Homer. She always says, “I will be proud of you for whatever you do, Homer.” Ms. Riley believes that Homer is a good student, therefore she acts friendly towards him. Ms. Riley hopes that Homer can participate in the science fair, which she gives him more opportunity than compare to other students. He fulfills that by doing the rocket experiment determinedly. Ms. Riley could have encouraged other students to participate in the science fair as well, but it seems like she only sees Homer as a potential student. Ms. Riley believes…show more content…
Once he argues with his father, “coal mine is your life, it’s not mine”. Homer is implying that you are yourself, I am myself. You work in the coalmine now does not foreshadow that I will inherit that job in the future. Homer’s father hopes that one day he will be working in the mine with him, but according to the Independent View of the Self, Homer distinguishes himself from his father. Even the community says that one day he will take after his father, this saying does not affect his view at…show more content…
He never showed up when Homer invites him to the rocket release. He always says that he is “busy” with work. However, he shows up on Jim’s football game. John and Homer never get along when they talk about this topic. Well, in general John is a distant man, but all he cares is the coalmine. At the end, he changed his attitude towards last rocket release invitation. Even though he says that he is busy with work, he shows up to the last rocket release after all. John knows that cannot change Homer’s view or convince him to work in the coalmine, so he changed his view to make things easier. In additional, to stop himself for conflicting his own

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