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SPORTCHEK CANADA SPORTCHEK is one of the largest retailer in Canada which sells sporting products, sports apparel & equipment, footwear, etc. They are not the manufacturer of any of the products that they sell but rather they are just the retailer. The floor-ready displays are actually done by the manufacturer, the people who produces the goods. Therefore, they are well aware of their products and know exactly what needs to be displayed in the stores such as the specifications of the products. This is a great approach that the manufacturer employed as they know better than the retailer what needs to be exposed. It also allows the workers in the store to save time since they do not need to set up the floor displays and can make better use of this time such as helping customers more effectively. Another advantage is that the manufacturers are more creative than the workers in how they display their products and therefore they are successful in attracting more customers. DELL CANADA…show more content…
There are various advantages that Dell can benefit by changing from a direct distribution strategy to a multichannel distribution strategy. Having different channels allows a wider coverage since different can reach different market segments. It offers more options to customers from which they can choose from. Less physical space would be needed for stores to sell the products. Cannibalization can be avoided as different brands have different positioning and are old in different channels. Finally the multichannel strategy would increase sales as well as the market share. The disadvantage of having a multichannel distribution strategy is that it can create channel conflicts between distributors, retailers or sales representatives, therefore resulting in a lack of

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