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The role of a solicitor, apart from providing legal advice, is to behave as a professional; with an ethical and disciplinary conduct. They are obliged to acquire a moral attitude, for a good example of the society. As Professor Rodell identified, it is the lawyers who run our civilisation for us. Achieving this, they ought to obey the SRA Code of Conduct 2011, which including principles and indicated behaviours. This essay will analyse a problem scenario which regards to a solicitor’s omissions, lacking to follow specific principles of the code. Moreover, determining these issues, it will explain in depth the sections and chapters of the code. Problems for the law firm occurred, that will cause future problems for her. This essay will substantiate…show more content…
Ethics are principles, values and beliefs which influence the individual’s behaviour. It is the standard which Rafa should adopt, rather than various laws or regulations. Sir Burke expressed that, morality is more important than laws because law depends on morality. In our scenario, under the Solicitors Act 1974, Rafa has the right to practise in a firm, if his character and his suitability deserve. Additionally, she should be honest, trusted and efficient. Aristotle supports that, the character is revealed through action. Thus, Rafa failed to obey the code which established with the intention to obtain the ethical nature of law. The Code of Conduct 2011 is written principles concentrates on providing positive outcomes to protect the client’s interests. It illustrates certain mandatory principles and specific chapters, which can declare whether solicitors have ethical character. It is worthwhile to consider that, the junior solicitors should be more ethical of an experienced solicitor since the dignity in the start of their law career is the foundation of the…show more content…
As already outlined, the code is "proportionate, transparent and consistent". Rafa apparently failed to follow the principles, by her recklessness. Firstly, she breached the first one since she was acting differently from justice. Secondly, she has broken the integrity principle since Rafa drifted with tearful emotions and expressed her problem as equally reckless as Clydesdale Bank. Thirdly, while Rafa left herself recounts her story has immediately breached the principle of providing a proper standard of service to her. Also, by trying to act in the best interests of her client, Rafa wrongly called Sara’s office, resulted breaching her legal interest. Then, the principle of maintaining the trust in the provision of legal services was breached since she was unreliable by neglecting to keep the secrets confidential. By uncovering the secrets mean she also broke the trust of the firm towards her. The most serious situation was the call to Sara’s office by saying the discussion to the office’s voicemail while it was confidential. A research shows that every dissatisfied client can lose to the firm nearly 23 clients by communicating the mistakes of solicitors. Finally, the seventh principle is when Rafa has to comply with a legal and regulatory obligations. By undertaking responsibilities which are not areas of her expertise can be said that the principle remained

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