Written Reflection: Improving My Life

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Written Responses
This is my first summer participating in the UBMSC Summer Residential program at UNLV. Five ways the SRP experience could improve my life personally and academically:
I would receive more Spanish speaking experience.
I would receive better understanding of Algebra and an introduction to precalculus.
I can meet other students from different schools and learn to branch out more.
I can learn about the college experience from actual college students.
I would get to reside, attend classes, and become friends with a large diversity of people.
I do believe my grades accurately reflect my academic potential. UBMS SRP can help me prepare for college because the program can help me score higher on college entrance exams and
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For example, I volunteered at the Convoy of Hope in the fall of last year. I also did some volunteer work at the First Lego League tournaments for Nevada’s local elementary schools. I have demonstrated leadership in school in multiple projects and events, such as the Multicultural Fest. I show leadership in school by taking responsibility and making sure we stay on course.
Some of my strengths as a roommate are that I am a very understanding and laid back person. I have good manner and morals. I am also neat, outgoing, and I always clean up after myself. I make sure to put things back where I found them. Finally, I am kind and I never take things without asking. Weaknesses I might have as a roommate may be poor communication and/or social skills, as I am a little shy. After the first couple days, I usually feel comfortable with people and I don't feel as out-of-place.
People who know me might be surprised to know that my favorite color is red, I lived in Ohio 13 years of my life, and I want to play softball in college. People who know me might be surprised to know that I want to go to Stanford University to earn my doctorate degree in Cardiology. People might be surprised to know that I love fishing and the outdoors, in
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I am also expected to keep my side of the bathroom clean. I am also expected to help clean the bathtub, sinks, and toilet bi-weekly. I typically wake up before 8 o'clock on weekends and around 5:20 on weekdays. I use an alarm clock to wake myself up in the morning. My curfew is 8 o'clock on school nights and 10:00 on weekends. My bedtime is between 9:45 and 10:00.
I communicate my frustrations by talking about them to a friend and listening to music. I also like to exercise when I am upset.
My special interests include softball, chess, listening to music, and exploring new challenges. I also like reading and watching movies, especially books that have become movies. I also like reading books in series and reading classical literature. I like watching documentaries on National Geographic, the History Channel, and Animal Planet. I also have a special interest in biology and medicine.
If given the option to choose a major during the UBMSC SRP I would choose STEM because it pertains to my desired occupation and I do really well in mathematics. I do well in science

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