SSG Flores's Leadership Summary

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From 24 Nov 15 to 03 Jul 17, SSG Flores served as an Instructor/Writer at the Night Infiltration Course. He distinguished himself by providing excellent instruction to 32,000 Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldiers. SSG Flores ' emphasis on safety enabled him to provide exceptional training that was essential to those Soldiers meeting Army standards during a challenging and stressful environment. His efforts ensured every Soldier received the skills necessary to succeed in the Army. SSG Flores ' unmatched professionalism and ability to lead was the deciding factor for his selection to supervise the Night Infiltration Course during the NCOIC’s absence. His leadership ability out matched his peers by taking the initiative and personally…show more content…
His contributions to these revisions significantly improved the efficiency of range operations on the Night Infiltration Course, as well as increased the realism and rigors of training for all IET Soldiers. While assigned as an Instructor/Writer, SSG Flores was selected to serve as a range safety NCO for the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Best Warrior Competition at Fort Leonard Wood. His competence and expertise were crucial to the safe operation on the rifle marksmanship and stress fire ranges. SSG Flores ' contributions to the Best Warrior Competition enabled CTC to provide the necessary training that was essential for TRADOC to complete the competition. exceptional service as an Instructor/Writer assigned to the Combat Training Committee, 43d Adjutant General Battalion. Staff Sergeant Flores professionalism and devotion to duty were instrumental to the success of the unit. His accomplishments reflect great credit upon him, the Combat Training Committee, the 14th Military Police Brigade, and the United States
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