SSW 197 Assignment

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SSW 197 Assignment #2 Kirstin Cain 9000736 The skills I learned within the classroom that I utilized during my practicum were active listening, active listening and active listening, reflection and having empathy. I also used some paraphrasing and summarizing, particularly when a client was disclosing some previous trauma that he believed to have occurred during his childhood (the psychiatrist was uncertain as to whether these were actual events or delusions). I had the opportunity to do role play with an individual wanting to practice making phone calls inquiring about apartments for rent. I used sessional contracting with this individual, did perception checks and had him score his anxiety at various points throughout the role play. I used open-ended questions to extract solutions and answers to his questions and asked him to choose what would be the course of action he wanted to follow. SMART goal setting was also part of the practice and helped to determine the amount of time the resident practiced before making real calls. My personal goal of becoming comfortable with silence was achieved through “sharing space” with the residents and following their cues as to whether or not they wanted to talk. Furthermore, this goal was achieved by actively listening to a resident who needed time to formulate a response to a…show more content…
I became adept of asking what people were doing and if I could make a suggestion before offering one. Small changes like these help individuals bring structure to their thinking processes and encourages independence. I plan on sharing the information I’ve learned with my co-workers at Kermode to enhance our working relationship with our clients and I shall continue to enjoy being
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