Aristotle's Theory Of Justice Considered To Be Unjust

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Justice essay Justice is the idea that the criminal justice system should aspire to achieve equality and fairness for all citizens however whilst some may equate justice to the criminal justice system this is not always the case as more than often the justice system does not always deliver justice. However there are different theories that try to explain justice. This essay will seek to identify and apply theories of justice to areas in which the law is considered is considered to be unjust. One of which being the idea of distributive and corrective justice which comes from Aristotle. Aristotle was responsible for early ideas of justice and many of his theories still remain relevant in today’s society additionally he identified two types of justice; distributive justice which is the idea that everyone should be allocated wealth and material goods specific to their circumstances whereas corrective justice is the idea that where distributive justice is disturbed then it is up to the judge to correct such disturbances, which is relevant today as with the area of tort law which aims to put the claimant back in the position they would…show more content…
Rawls dubbed this as the ‘veil or ignorance’ and the key idea behind this is that no one would want to disadvantage a community in society if they may end up being part of that community however there are problem areas within this theory the first idea being that it would be way to impractical as well as unrealistic furthermore Dworkin states that even though individuals may accept principles whilst unware of their standing in society, some may reject laws that disadvantages them whilst others may use their positions to gain an advantage at the expense of others in

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