STEEP Analysis: Kodak Company

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: Introduction STEEP analysis is an important tool to analyze the factors that affect the company operations, five factors consist in the STEEP analysis, social, technological, economic, ecological, and political factors. Those factors are subcategorized into many others factors describe the micro economic condition and all external factors affect the way the company operate. (Robinson, 2010) First, the social factor illustrate all social aspects in any nation such as demographic, life style, religion, and age in order to understand the social environment around the firm. For example a win producer can 't market their products in Islamic countries because of the religion that forbid drinking. Second, the technological factor plays an important role in high tech industries which depend heavily on technology advancement, for example a failure in scanning this factor could result in declining in the profitability, Kodak company hadn 't succeed in selling normal camera because it couldn’t compete with digital cameras that produced by Sony firm. Third, the economic factors directly affect the consumers ' decision of purchasing new products, when the individual income increases the ability of buying more will also increase, in this condition all firms can sell more of what they produce. Many other factors such as taxes, inflation, and exchange rate affect the consumer 's capability of purchasing. Fourth, ecological factors such as pollution, carbon emission, the depletion of

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