SUSAN Spencer Case Study

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SUSAN SPENCER: What`s that like? MARIA LIU: Stressful. It`s really overwhelming because you know in your heart that somebody is wrongfully convicted. SUSAN SPENCER (voiceover): With so much at stake and with little trial experience, Maria called in flamboyant defense attorney David Wymore. DAVID WYMORE: Usually there`s some evidence that indicates somebody, right? This-- there was no evidence in this case. SUSAN SPENCER (voiceover): Even so he knew that requests for new trials almost never are granted. When you went into this, what did you think the odds were? DAVID WYMORE: Hundred to one, then hundred to one I`d lose. SUSAN SPENCER: A hundred to one you`d lose? DAVID WYMORE: Yes. SUSAN SPENCER (voiceover): Wymore, nevertheless, joined Liu

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