Apple Inc Swot Analysis 2013

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General information Apple Incorporated
Apple incorporated (Apple Computer before January 2007) – American corporation, large manufacturer of personal computers, audio players, mobile phones, software, one of the pioneers in the industry of consumer electronics and modern multifunctional operating systems with graphical interface.
Such products as iPad, iPhone, iPod, MacBook, iBook make the company recognizable and popular all over the world. Unique and aesthetic design of the production allowed Apple Inc. create very good reputation in the industry. It is important to note, that change in the name of the organization from “Apple computer” to “Apple incorporated” connected with a shift production focus from traditional computer equipment
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For example: iTunes providing music download for iPhone and iCloud providing backup. These additional benefits incorporate very high value to the products. The innovativeness of the Apple Inc. is strongly correlated with concept of dynamic capability. This company works proactively and pays attention to all significant actions of the competitors. Apple manages to benefit from the rivalry with the biggest competitor in the mobile technology industry “Samsung”: it has nothing to do but to provide the best quality products in order not to lose the customer…show more content…
Growing demand for smartphones – obviously incorporates new potential customers and profit iCloud further integration – may enhance the attractiveness of other products of the Apple Inc.
Other smartphone manufacturers – create substantial pressure on the company market share, through offer of cheaper products with analogous features
Customization – compared to other smartphones, Apple production lacks this ability, therefore customers might switch to other
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