SWOT Analysis: Barnes And Noble

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Introduction Barnes & Noble is the biggest company in the Book Retail Industry. This mature industry experienced growth a growth slower than overall retail sales over the past years. In this industry, the suppliers have a low influence over book sellers, and the barriers to entry are very high, But Internet has changed completely this industry. Due to Internet, the buyer power became quite high, and the substitutes increased, so did the rivalry. Since the new generation prefers surfing the net rather than reading books, Internet became a threat to this industry. Some technological advances such as video games have replaced the reading time. The influence of the buyer is great since they have faster price comparison and more buying options.…show more content…
the main competitors of Barnes and noble are amazon and Borders group. http://teknirvana.com/documents/BarnesAndNoble.pdf Internal environment: SWOT analysis: SWOT analysis is extremely helpful techniques that will help Barnes and nobles to understand the strengths of the eBook stores identify the market opportunities and be aware of the threats. Strengths: • The eBook industry allows the companies to be environmentally responsible since the users only download the books online, and read them on their screens . While printing books threaten the environment since paper is manufactured from trees. • The eBooks are electronic which made them easier to delete without having to recycle them. • The eBook are more practical for readers since they can have more than one book in their laptops, tablets or smartphone. • It economizes the distribution and publishing costs. • Its easer for the users of eBook stores to buy the book they want online • Most of eBook retailers are agreeing with many book publishers to get the latest books available for their users and to make them feel that they are in a library and that they have a multitude of…show more content…
In New York, one can find twenty bookstores. The chain is hardly appreciated by small local and independent bookstores, victims of competition. Indeed, at Barnes and Noble, books are sold much cheaper, often 40% of the price of other publishers. These discounts are possible thanks to the many stocks and customer inflowing mass. The books are arranged by topics (travel, cooking, classical literature, memory, biographies, children's books, art, dance, theater, health, gay and lesbians works, recent novels, etc). You can also buy CDs and DVDs of all kinds, newspapers, magazines and games. More than just a bookstore, Barnes and Noble is a real place of relaxation and life, since you can enjoy a coffee at Starbucks and WiFi access without leaving the building. Moreover, Barnes and nobles is became in 1997 an online bookstore, that sales eBooks that the customers can download online through the Internet and they launched their site worldwide in May. The motivation behind expending their operations through online sailings was to enable their customers to connect in help with the company’s reputation and expertise in book sailing and providing the required information to the customer. In 1997, Barnes and noble was the only and exclusive bookstore on AOL’S (America Online) Marketplace. The website is located at www.bn.com, and is a leader on sailing books and helping the costumers

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