Barnes And Noble Case Study

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Introduction Barnes & Noble is the biggest company in the Book Retail Industry. This mature industry experienced growth a growth slower than overall retail sales over the past years. In this industry, the suppliers have a low influence over book sellers, and the barriers to entry are very high, But Internet has changed completely this industry. Due to Internet, the buyer power became quite high, and the substitutes increased, so did the rivalry. Since the new generation prefers surfing the net rather than reading books, Internet became a threat to this industry. Some technological advances such as video games have replaced the reading time. The influence of the buyer is great since they have faster price comparison and more buying options.…show more content…
In addition of having a multitude of choice and a wide range of selection, the Barnes and nobles should give it customers as much information as they need to help them make their choice. The price comparison functionality to help the buyer comparing between second hand books and new ones should be adopted. Some information like the book review, the publisher information, and reader’s comments should be available. Barnes and noble should consider a diversification strategy by operating in a wide range of products or services and develop their products to show that the Barnes and noble is committed to innovation and development of its products and services. In addition to that Barnes and nobles should consider establishing agreements with hardware focused businesses to have a better quality hardware that enable them to make the customer base…show more content…
In April 2012, they launched Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, the first reading tablet lit that they were expecting to become the best-selling brand in few months. The brand have already launched the first 7-inch tablet market which is the Nook Color that is one of the most sold reading tablet in the market. After months of being alone in this niche, the reading tablet will suffer the competition from Amazon or Kobo models, but also all those who followed, all with built-in lighting and newer models more performing than the Model Nook. In financial turmoil, Barnes & Noble did not retaliate with a new screen quickly, but let the time pass. Its after18 months that Barnes & Noble is back with a new reading tablet lit Nook, hoping to get back in the race, and a possible global expansion to follow. The "Nook Glowlight" follows the "Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight" The new reading tablet brand does not fundamentally change its look. It is presented as very light, with 175 grams, or 15% less than the Kindle paperwhite, and a tiny gram more than the Kobo Aura. It is also very fine, with a thickness of just over one

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