SWOT Analysis: HSBC Bank

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In this essay I will compare between two banks by applying SWOT analysis and I will suggest four ways by which the local/national bank may improve and sustain its competitive advantage SWOT is used as a general strategic analysis in several areas of business management, marketing, human development and other. It consists of four sections (strengths - Weakness- Opportunities- threats) containing models of general questions that help to answer them access to realistic and accurate picture of the situation. SWOT analysis is used in the evaluation of internal factors and external conditions that faced by the project, It also helps to make decisions on a rational basis. SWOT analysis have appeared search that has been at the Institute of Stanford…show more content…
HSBC's universal system includes around 7,500 workplaces in more than 80 nations and domains in Europe, the Asia-Pacific locale, the Americas, the Center East and Africa. HSBC Bank plc is one of the four noteworthy clearing banks in the Assembled Kingdom and is a completely possessed backup of HSBC Property. The business ranges from the customary High Road parts of individual fund and business keeping money, to private managing an account, purchaser money and also corporate and venture saving money. Over all brands the bank works somewhere in the range of 1800 destinations in the…show more content…
These two banks have strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Bank Muscat has much strength such as: The Bank has a system of 130 branches, 400 ATMs, 140+ CDMs and 4500 PoS terminals. It has a big consumer base that surpasses one million. They likewise have one branch each in Riyadh and Kuwait and have delegate workplaces in Dubai and Singapore. They likewise have offer in BMI bank of Bahrain, and Mangal Keshav Bunch in India, offer in Muscat Capital LLC, and furthermore own a stake in Silkbank of Pakistan. It has been voted the best bank of Oman by different offices. It is the primary bank in the Center East locale to be ISO 9000:2000 guaranteed. It has a workforce around 3000+

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