SWOT Analysis: Male Grooming

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Success of a company depends on many aspects like the industry selection, resource assessment, resource management, strategic direction etc. In this paper, case named as Male Grooming is given and the analysis of different areas will be taken on the basis of case. The paper includes an analysis of internal and external factors and SWOT analysis of the company to determine its present and future marketing planning. The whole analysis is conducted by marketing consultant who is working for Fragrance Direct, and assigned to make a report for marketing director.
Internal and External Factors
Fragrance Direct is an internet based retailer company that serves fragrance for male and female with discount offers. In the way to determine
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The process to purchase online fragrance product will grow in future terms because the trend of online purchase is also increasing drastically by the time.
Threats: The already well established companies and brand are the biggest threat for Fragrance Direct. These brands like L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Proctor and Gamble and Unilever are proving both the option to shops such as in-store and online (Boone and Kurtz, 2010). From the above SWOT analysis it is analyzed that the online retailer company is facing high competition, which is quite stress increasing aspect. The issue of trust also affects growth of Fragrance Direct. Along with this, less focus towards male fragrance and related products is the company’s weak point that is giving more chances to competitors for grabbing more market (Boone and Kurtz, 2010). Fewer efforts in marketing by Fragrance Direct are also a weak point of it creating threat for the future growth as well.
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Generally, there are 4Ps are used for describing marketing mix but for Fragrance Direct there are 7Ps included, which are as follows:
Product: Development of product depends on customer’s demand and as the trend of male grooming increases the new range of fragrant product would be appropriate for Fragrance Direct (Masterson and Pickton, 2010). Aftershave fragrances and limited range of hair care and skin care products will be suitable product for this company.
Price: Determination of price needs the consideration of customer’s willingness to pay over selected product. As the company is already committing to provide low price of products as compare to high street shopping, so the prices should be as cheap as possible for Fragrance Direct to be (Oh and Pizam, 2008).
Place: The place is where customer purchases any product. As the Fragrance Direct is an online retail company, so the place would be internet or online selling. But with this place, the company has to sustain over its values that it is committing to customers. This company aims to provide quick online shopping option with easiness and also wants to provide an excellent level of customer service (Wirtz,

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