What Is Nike's International Business Strategy

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1. Major Facts:-

Nike made, created, and sold sport and casual shoes, efficient sports and leisure clothes, sports items, and materials under the Nike, Bauer, Cole-Haan, and Hurley brands names . It was the biggest vender of sport shoes and clothing around the universe, with a U.S. market share more than 40%. The organization's product were offered at around 18,000 retail stores in the United States, containing shoes stores, department stores, and sporting products stores. It also distributed to specialty , skate, tennis, and golf shops. It's manufactured product is marketed outside the United State by using independent distributor , licenses ,and subsidiaries in 140 Countries.

As indicated by the organization's yearly report, Nike's spending for creating a demand $1,027.9 million for 2002—10.4% of income. Research and
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Another vital element was the present complex procedures of differential tariffs.

• Nike had applying many social and environmental activities, which regards a strong points for the company when it’s engage on social and environmental activities the consumers like.

• Nike kept on concentrating of practices competing production activities in developing countries.

• Nike regarded its product design and capability to rapidly benefited from the technological improvement as a basic element of its ability to compete.

• It have an excellent advertising strategy by using significant elements , they are Celebrity spokespersons (Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Mia Hamm, etc.) and team agreement (such as the long-term agreement with Manchester United) .


• Nike company doesn't understand the Foot Locker partner need and doesn't act in flexible way with it
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