SWOT Analysis Of A Restaurant

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4. Having a good product and environment to sell your product are essential to the success of your restaurant. Finding the right price customers are willing to pay for your products is as important. Evaluate the different methods of pricing you could use in determining the right price for products. What other pricing considerations would you have to take into account in making your decision? (Pass 3.1)

Price is expressed in the currency of the value of goods, the amount payable for a certain product.
The pricing method
a) Pricing on the basis of cost
The advantage of the method of pricing costs are:
• Simple, easy to calculate because the seller knows the cost rather than market demand.
Seller is not change prices when demand changes. The
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Through SWOT analysis, the restaurant will clearly see their goals as well as the factors inside and outside the organization can affect positively or negatively the objectives set out restaurant. In the process of developing a strategic plan, SWOT analysis serves as a fundamental tool most effectively help you not only the overall look of the restaurant, but these factors are influenced and determined to the success of the restaurant.
As noted above, a SWOT analysis helps to bring insight about the organization, project, or a situation so this method is particularly useful in decision making, strategic planning and setup plan. Here let 's see SWOT analysis is often used in specific cases:
- The conference brainstorming ideas
- Solve problems (structure, resources, labor productivity, corporate culture etc.)
- Development Strategy (competition, products, technologies, new markets etc.)
- Scheduling
- Decision
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Each section corresponds to the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. From the picture above model:
Strengths are the agents inside the restaurant positive or beneficial to help achieve the goal.
Weaknesses are internal factors restaurant negative or difficult to achieve.
Opportunities are external factors restaurant (market business, society, government) positive or beneficial interests to help achieve the goal.
The Threats factors are outside the restaurant (business market, society, government) negative or cause difficulty in achieving goals.
It can be seen, the purpose of a SWOT analysis is to identify the strengths that are held as well as the limitations need to be overcome. In other words, SWOT shows a place where to attack and where the place to defend. Finally, the results of SWOT should be applied in a reasonable manner in devising an action plan intelligently and efficiently.

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