SWOT Analysis Of Airtel

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Human Resource Department (HRM)

Organizations consist of people and functions through people. HR is the wealth of the organiza-tion. Such human being helps the company to achieve target goals. It’s the total knowledge, abil-ity, talents and aptitude of a company’s workforce.

HRM is the process of getting resources and organization together to achieve goals. These are not mere bricks, motors, machines and inventory. They are genuine people. It’s the people who staff and manage organization.

a) Talent Acquisition: Organization Structure Manpower Requirement/ Planning Sourcing Hiring Induction Operations
b) Learning and Development
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Producer cannot produce what he wishes and what he likes. It revolves around the customer likings and dislikes.

Marketing Strategy

The organization is reliably tweaking their procedures and fortifying their inventive center to en-vision and change their worldwide computerized scene of the organization.

Organization 's vision is to enhance the lives of our client. Their fixation is to win clients for life through excellent experience.

As each business, Airtel 's target tallies to develop piece of the overall industry gainfully and quicken non-versatile organizations. Qualities they share are alive, inclusive and deferential.

SWOT Analysis

1. Renowned Telecom company: With its 19+ years of rich experience in telecom industry this MNC had travelled far to become world’s 3rd largest telecom operator overseas with operations in nearly 20 countries.
2. High Brand Equity: It is one of the pioneer brands in telecommunication having a high brand recall and with a whopping subscriber base.
3. Extensive infrastructure: With the formation of Indus tower & due to its partnership with Idea & Vodafone, the infrastructure of Airtel has extended in all parts of the country result-ing into nationwide
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4. Strategic Alliances: The company has top notch stakeholders, namely Sony Ericsson, Nokia and singtel, and the recent one being Apple. Such strategic alliances boost the brand equity and the bottom line of the company.
5. Torchbearer of the telecom Industry: With its number 1 spot due to its excellent ser-vices in developing economies, Airtel has interconnected the life of people in an highly ef-ficient way. Thus, where Vodafone is an external entrant, Airtel is a leading nationwide player in India and the torchbearer of the telecom industry in

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