SWOT Analysis Of Barbie

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Strategic Tools SWOT analysis SWOT analysis is an evaluation of the Strengths and Weaknesses and Opportunities and Threat of the business in connection to the internal and environmental elements influencing an element so as to build up its condition prior to the preparation of a long term plan (Tim Berry, n.d.). It is an effective way to recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the company and analyzing the opportunities that available for the company and the threats that the company confront. Existing organization can know what they need to change and respond through using SWOT analysis and new organization could use SWOT analysis to investigate the existing business world and think what the new organization could do to compete with the…show more content…
Furthermore, strong brand equity, due to longer operating history toy industry has build up a strong brand equity in the business world. For example, Barbie, it produce dolls that are able to change hairstyle and clothes. Barbie is a big brand in the toy industry, it has variety of dolls and accessories that are able to attract customers. Barbie is well-known among the young girls’ world. Weaknesses Most of the toy stores are heavily depend on the seasonal sales (Toy R Us, n.d.). The sales will only boost up during the peak time such as Christmas. Most of the times, manufacturers are unable to make decisions on how much the manufacture need to produce, thus it will lead to wastage, if they overproduce and unable to sell it. There are also cases about the safety of the products, companies would have to recall back all the toys and may get fined.…show more content…
It works through the different segments of the full scale environment and prompts the organization to look at the particular ranges in depth. PEST stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological. PEST is useful tools to the organizations because it can help the organizations to determine the opportunities that the organizations have and inform the organizations about the threats that it face. It helps the organization to characterize the way the business is formed, so the organization could change
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