SWOT Analysis Of Burger King

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INTRODUCTION Burger King is one of the leaders in today’s fast food industry. Originally founded in 1953, but was taken over due to financial difficulties in 1954 by David Edgerton and James McLamore who already had more experience in restaurant business at the time. These illusionists believed in the principle of providing fair priced quality food, served quickly in attractive manner and in clean surroundings. Though, Burger King which is often abbreviated as BK uses the Burger King Holdings Corporation brand globally, its founding place or headquarter is located in Miami, Florida, U.S. (ukessays.com, 2015) Currently, BK is said to have over 13,000 restaurants in more than 79 countries. Though, 66 percent of these restaurants are located…show more content…
(businessdictionary.com, 2015) BK company strategy focuses on its performance in the fast food industry sector. So the company is always up against numerous internal and external issues in whatever environment they are stationed in, and these also influence the company’s business operations which is very important in the company’s industry analysis. Furthermore, by doing this BK is able to identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which are used in the company’s SWOT analysis in order to know the company’s strongest stand points and areas that need improvement to further increase the company’s success while also increasing its shareholder value in the process. Also, using the SWOT analysis helps the company reduce it weaknesses and avoid threats which leads to increase in strengths and more opportunities that maximize the company’s potential and helps achieve its goals in the fast food industry. (ukessays.com,…show more content…
(entrepreneur.com, 2015) Even though BK has always been a step behind its competitor i.e. McDonalds, the company always strive to have the best burgers and fries in the world. BK focuses more on the nutrition, value of its food and variability of its menu most commonly in its flame grilled signature WHOPPER burgers. Also, BK employees always maintain a friendly, joyous, positive and well mannered atmosphere at work because they know the importance of serving their customers in the best ways possible so that the customers will always come back for more of their services. Furthermore, maintaining cleanliness at their fast food restaurants is of utmost priority since it is stated in their policy that if any of their restaurants violates this policy, the restaurant has to close-up as a penalty for not abiding by the rules of the company. In other words, all these maintenance, organization, and rigorous rules helps BK further compete with its competitors in the fast food industry. (ukessays.com,

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