Swot Analysis Of Caja Rolu

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To put this marketing plan into motion, Caja Rolu needs to utilize the marketing resources available. One of these resources would be the SWOT analysis. Knowing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the company is important because it allows for growth of the product line. Another important resource that Caja Rolu will utilize is evaluations of the target market and demographics of different areas. The evaluation of the target market is important in implementing the marketing strategy because it allows us to know our audience and cater to them specifically and make sure their needs are met through the use of our product. Going out into the target market and interacting personally with college students will allow us to learn…show more content…
First and foremost, Caja Rolu as company plans to maintain the competitive advantage with this product. We are the only company with this sort of technology and device on the market and plan to keep evolving to keep our product line growing. The only product similar to ours as previously stated is the Leap Frog company and that is aimed towards young children, our product while similar in concept is drastically different which will aid in our success. Not only is maintaining the competitive advantage a key to success but the way Caja Rolu sells is a major key to success. Caja Rolu will rely heavily on personal selling in the beginning of our journey. Through our personal selling we will not only sell the product but sell our company as a service. We will utilize that we provide exceptional customer service and technical support. Due to the use of our personal selling Caja Rolu must adopt a push strategy. The push strategy is another key to success because it will allow our product to be sold through many different distribution channels. This will allow for growth and future partnerships with various
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