SWOT Analysis Of Coca-Cola's Organizational Strategy

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For this assignment I have been asked to do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) and a PEST (Political, Economic, Social, and Technology) Analysis. I have chosen to do Coca-Cola for my assignment, as they are an international success and the market share leader in their product area, which is very impressive. I believe the organisation structure and their planning is the key to their success. The reader of this assignment will find a brief account of Coca-Cola, a diagram and evaluation of Coca-Cola’s organisational structure. There is also a complete detailed SWOT and PEST analysis; with the analysis what I personally believe Coca-Cola should do to adapt or change to improve the company. Finally the reader…show more content…
A tall hierarchical structure has many levels within the business, each level is one above the other. At each stage in the chain, one person, usually a manager has a number of workers directly under them, within their span of control. The chain of command is typical a pyramid shape. (Management, 2014) Coca-Cola uses a geographical departmentalisation. Their company is broken up into regions, European, North America, Latin America, Pacific and Eurasia - Africa division. The span of control is the number of subordinates (workers) a manager can directly control; this number varies depending on the business. (Garvey, Bus. Management, 2014) Coca-Cola has a large span of control as Coca-Cola is an international business, each manager has entire section to control, e.g.: the finance section, this section looks after all of the company finance needs, so they have many subordinates to control which can be good if there is a good management team in place. Decision making is the most integral part for Coca-Cola, the executive committee makes both centralised decisions, the decision-making policy where authority resides at the top of…show more content…
Divisions and regions operate as business unit teams, each having a director reporting to the division president. (Business Studies.com, 2014) The diagram below illustrates the tall, geographically divided Ella Shiels organisational structure. Ella Shiels In my opinion I believe Coca-Cola is very well organised the staff can clearly identify where and who they are within the business. They have divided the company up so well that Coca-Cola does not have to get confused on what is happening around the world they have different areas looking after each section they sell to; which is very good and very efficient of Coca-Cola so they do not waste time or money on trying to get to around the world from America. Also by doing this it is easier for them to trade within different trading groups like the European trading group. They do not have to pay the extra taxes and tariffs they would have paid if they were exporting from America. I also believe this structure has helped being the key to their immense success. Ella Shiels SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses ● World’s largest market share in beverage ● Strong marketing and

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