SWOT Analysis Of Curcumin

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The project is all about the Curcumin extract being manufactured by Hindustan Herbals Ltd. In this project the research was being carried out as to how the buyers are making decisions among various organization while buying this product and the marketing strategies of the company.
Foe accomplishment of this research descriptive methodology was used.the data was collected through questionnaire over phone or personally. A lot of valuable information was obtained from the questionnaires. During the course of research an opportunity to interact with various personnel of other companies was also valuable. Along with the questionnaire an analysis was also made of the strategies. The SWOT analysis of the company was also done. This
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An organization needs to carry out various practices for increasing the sales of its product. The main purpose of the research was to know the marketing strategies of the company. The product taken up for this purpose was curcumin extract produced by Hindustan Herbals Ltd.
Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical produced from the roots of turmeric. It takes 40-45 days to manufacture 20-25 kg of curcumin from 1000kg of turmeric roots. It is used as a food supplement, cosmetic ingredient and herbal supplement. It is used to cure cancer, cough, cold, body swelling etc. curcumin extract is the main essence of the turmeric which is of signifiacance. The pocess of extraction of curcumin is as follows for 1000kg turmeric roots:
• The roots are grined to form a powder in the machinery.
• The powder is put into the rotary for 3 hours along with ethyl acetate acid. It has filters installed in it.
• The liquid is than boiled at 70’C and the distillation process is carried out after 3 extraction are done. The paste than rediscovered contains curcumin and ethyl acetate. (200-250ltrs)
• The paste is kept at room temperature for 30-35 days to form
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• Under the stern leadership of their CEO, Mr. Rakesh Gupta, the company has become an Rs.1250 million worth organization, dealing with herbal products.
• They follow CGMP standards that help them in maintaining the quality control norms and also by doing constant research; they are able to improve the quality of the existing product range.
• Depending on their well equipped infrastructure, strength of the product range is free from any kind of chemical or adulterants. They aim to maintain the quality of the product as they perform different stringent quality measures under the strict direction of their skilled professionals.
• They are equipped with different departments that helps them in maintaining the quality of the products, these include:
• In house chemical department
• Instrumental and microbiological testing department
• Gingko Biloba
• Reishi Mushroom
• Soya Lecithin
• Grape fruit extract
• Lotus extract
• Pinapple extract
• Calendula

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