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SWOT analysis is used for identifying those areas where an organization is strong, where it is weak, the major opportunities the company can explore and the threats. SWOT analysis is a useful tool for assessing the strategic position of a business and its environment. SWOT Analysis helps a company to know where it stands by exploring key issues.

As a consultant, recently I have consulted a small business enterprise company called EvergreenG. By analyzing the company, there are many internal weakness identified. The first weakness is reluctant of online presence. Much of the issue comes down to the company's lack of skills when it comes to digital and online networking. The report shows 67 per cent citing lack of expertise, confidence or understanding
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When this business uses outdated technology it can slow down productivity and contribute to the business losing money. EvergreenG owners know how important it is to preserve their company’s reputation, but many may not realize the extent to which their current and potential customers care about the technology they use. According to a recent survey, more than 90 percent of consumers said they would consider – taking their business elsewhere if a company uses outdated technology. Respondents cited convenience and better customer service among reasons modern technology matters to them when it comes to working with small businesses. In fact, 68 percent of consumers think the use of modern technology is critical to the success of a business, and more than 60 percent said they are likely to become a repeat customer of a business using modern technology. Often times, it’s difficult to justify a new technological investment. But sometimes, a new technological investment is just what they need for future business success. The older the software, the riskier it is to use. Older software was not designed to be resilient against attacks, so strong data security is an absolute (and expensive) essential. Many companies don’t have processes in place for retiring out-modeled software, so they essentially start from scratch with extensive migration and installation services.…show more content…
Limited human resources can include having a small staff, which makes it difficult to tackle every item on the company's to-do list. On the other hand, the company with a full staff that lacks the skills and training necessary to perform tasks can be a hindrance to an organization. If the company wants to launch its social media presence, but none of the staff has experience in social media, it can be a major weakness for the company. Either they'll have to hire a consultant, or risk an unsuccessful social media launch. A company that lacks human resources may have difficulty developing and maintaining a solid relationship with employees. Human resources bridges communication gaps between company management and employees and offers employees the opportunity to release their frustrations with the company and report wrongdoings. If the company does not implement human resources, it must develop a plan to effectively communicate and listen to employee concerns. If they're managing numerous people, such as over 50, it may be difficult to employ a strategy to deal with each employee. If employees become frustrated with the company or their jobs become dissatisfying, production can drop and company revenue may plunge. In addition, poor employee relations due to a lack of human resources can cause prospective employees to reconsider joining the

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